NE Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is used to transfer the material from ground level to certain height.

Bucket elevator?consists of a cotton or rubber belt running on one drive pulley at the top and the other one is driven pulley, which is at the bottom inside a fabricated casing.

Belt is fitted with buckets at some specific intervals. Buckets lift the material from ground level to a higher level and buckets are emptied while moving around top pulley by centrifugal?action.

Elevator is driven by top pulleys by speed reduction mechanism. Either set of pulleys or gearbox can be used. Bottom pulley has sliding mechanism for maintaining proper tension and alignment in the belt.

A ?platform?is also provided for maintenance purpose at the top of the elevator. Both the pulleys are dynamically balanced for noise free performance.

Head features:

–big inspection doors at two sides

–service platform makes erection and maintenance of drive and head structure very easy

–heavy duty wearable material for shaft seal and discharge plate

–optional pre-assembled service platform

–optional explosion-proof opening

Trunk features:

–compact frame simplify erection and ensures verticality

–big inspection doors at two sides simply access into boot

–pre-assembled for ease of erection

–special designed clutch ensures perfect tightness and intensity

Boot features:

–heavy duty wearable liner

–perfect dust seals long belt actuating device

–heavy duty sheet spring tension or gravity tension –optional self-cleaning structure