KN Shuttle conveyor

The other name of shuttle conveyor is movable conveyor or mobile conveyor, because there is a moving device under the conveyor that could drive itself moves on a track. The conveyors are suitable for conveying material along a transport direction on the steel track. The shuttle conveyors include a track extending along a conveying path, the track defining a length, and a plurality of shuttle elements independently movable along the track. Each shuttle element defines mating structure for following the track along the conveying path. Each shuttle element includes at least one wheel under the conveyor frame. The shuttle elements define a collective length less than the length of the track. A drive mechanism moves the shuttle conveyor along the track..The drive mechanism is a reducer or a motor, it drive the shuttle on the track via a chain which link the reducer and the frame of shuttle conveyor. The shuttle elements is driven faster on at least a portion of a return portion of the track than on the conveying portion of the track, and the shuttle element flow along the track may be modulated in various ways.